Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks and thought, “I know that scent!” and were instantly transported back to a memory or a strong feeling? Scents have tremendous power. When you’re feeling all science-y, search “odor-evoked autobiographical memory” for some killer conversation material at your next BBQ.

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There’s no mistaking the eau de Cologne of a loved one. It’s why girls smell their boyfriend’s t-shirts, why husbands sniff their wife’s hair, and why we’ll turn to a complete stranger and ask, “What is that you’re wearing?”

Whether you want to attract romance, are in search of this season’s fragrance, or you feel like a new woman and perfume is the icing on your transformational cake – it’s time for a change. Here’s a 5-step system to guide your nose straight to your signature scent.

Signature Scent – 5 Step System

1. Take the Quiz!

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Take the Quiz!

Macys.com has a quiz ready to help you find the perfect scent. It took me all of thirty seconds to find mine and it was a slam-dunk! See what the Macy’s perfume matchmakers have in store for your current mood!

2. Read a Book by its Cover

While yes, what’s on the inside counts the most, there are visual clues to help you weed through the countless options. Perfume is measured by personal taste and experience, so companies rely heavily on their branding to attract the right consumers.

They create the emotion of their perfume with colors, images, advertisements, and of course, highly paid celebs that embody their product. So while the proof is in the pudding (aka smelling it), take a hint from the media and gravitate toward the perfumes that attract your style and personality.

3. Your Top 5

Think of the most beautiful, strong females you admire. They can range from celebrities and royalty to a neighbor you think is the bee’s knees. Find the women that you want to be when you grow up – even if you grew up a long time ago. It’s fun to have role models! Take the top five women you adore and see what they’re wearing.

Dior J'adore, Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron Dior J’adore Eau Lumiere Ad – Harper’s Bazaar April 2017

Your celeb might have their own line of perfume or be the face of a brand – like Charlize Theron in the Dior J’Adore campaigns. You’d be surprised what you can find with a simple search like “celeb + favorite perfume.” If one of these women is just outside your social circle, this question could strike up a fun conversation to bond over!

4. Sniff List

With the suggestions above, narrow down your choices to create a Sniff List. Why the list? If you’ve ever been overwhelmed at a perfume counter, you might have made the same mistake as me – I got sniff happy. I sprayed this and that on my wrist, as fast as they came, before anything had time to breathe. In no time they all smelled the same, and my nose was on overload trying to process the gluttony of aromas!

A Sniff List helps you focus on quality candidates and the Macy’s perfume counter is full of helpful, smiling faces ready to grab whatever strikes your fancy.

5. Body Contact

Now comes the fun part – sampling! This step is not in vain. No matter how yummy a fragrance is on someone else, everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different. Make sure you jive with your potential potion by trying it on!

When you find your dream tonic, the rest is gravy. You can purchase your next bottle at Macys.com with the click of a button.

BONUS Step: Adventure

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau De Parfum Spray
Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau De Parfum Spray

Here’s an additional, but important step for the change of a mood or season. There are times in a woman’s life where she plops down in her hair stylist’s chair, takes a deep breath and says, “Give me something different.” Sometimes the way you purchase something is part of the shift you’re making with the purchase itself.

Maybe you’re going through a life change, or you’re feeling sassy. Maybe you normally spend six months selecting a new shampoo and are looking to get out of your comfort zone. If that’s the case, throw my previous advice out the window. Hop on Macys.com, pick a pretty bottle that speaks to you and buy. You’ll more than likely get a fun, complimentary gift of some sort – Macy’s is great about the perks!

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