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Don't Miss the 48-Hour Home Sale!

Leave it to Macy’s to sneak a new sale in for us…and an online only one at that! But let’s be honest – nothing gets by you because you’re a smart Magic Style Shop fan who know we’ll always keep you up to date with the latest and great Macy’s deals. Yes, basically, we’re your... Read More

The Ultimate Picnic Potluck

With the weather improving every day just about everywhere now, more and more people can’t wait to take advantage of the great outdoors. Whether hiking, throwing a frisbee or simply meeting up with friends, no-one wants to stay cooped up inside any longer than they have to. But with each of those incredible outdoor activities... Read More

3-Piece Bed in a Bag Sale {ONLY $17.99!}

Is the weather changing where you live? Perhaps you can use that to save big on something cozy. Even though spring is almost here, when it comes to your home decor, there are two things you may be doing: 1. Changing up the colors 2. Changing up your bedding The good news I have for... Read More

Creating A Spa At Home

While I don’t know many women (or men for that matter) who would turn down a trip to the spa, creating a spa at home has its own merits. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is something I’d be looking into for my significant other if I were you. (Hint, hint). After... Read More

Lowest Rug Prices of the Season: The Big Rug Sale

I’m going to be honest with you, the last thing I ever think about when it comes to home decor is rugs, but Macy’s has their lowest rug prices of the season going on right now during the The Big Rug Sale, so I thought it would be worth sharing some home decor secrets of... Read More