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The Macy's Beauty Sale Like No Other

You’re a smart shopper, so I don’t have to tell you that despite all the amazing sales Macy’s offers, there is one category that rarely goes on sale: Beauty. You know the feeling: you’re stocking up savings during a Macy’s One Day or Super Saturday Sale, but you wish you could also save big on... Read More

Macy's One Day Sale Doorbusters and Deals {March 2018}

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for: Macy’s One Day Sale is back for this first time this month and I’m sharing the doorbusters and deals for the March 2018 Macy’s One Day Sale. The One Day Sale typically starts on Saturday, with a preview day on Friday, and this March One Day Sale is no different. Starting today... Read More

Strategies for Right-Brained Shoppers

As you enter Macy’s and take in all the gorgeous displays, new collections, and perfumes to sample; your gal pal makes a beeline for what she’s there to buy. If everything inside of you wants to hide her to do list and make her try on sequin gowns – just for fun – you, my... Read More

Macy's Ultimate Pop-Up Sale

Don’t get surprised by the savings – the Macy’s Ultimate Pop-Up Sale is here! Just as its name suggests, the Macy’s Ultimate Pop-Up Sale ‘popped up’ in the middle of the week, and it’s only sticking around for two days. You’ll save an extra 20% off plus bonus online savings, in addition to free shipping... Read More

Macy's Super Weekend Sale {March 2018}

You don’t want to miss taking advantage of the Macy’s Super Weekend Sale going on right now! The Super Weekend Sale is the back…and it’s a good one. At Magic Style Shop, we’re always giving you the inside scoop so you know the best time to shop and save. But it’s not enough for you... Read More