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The Handbag Handbook

A woman’s handbag is one of the most active accessories in her day-to-day life. It’s no wonder many of us are obsessed with finding just the right one for every season, reason, and mood. Since handbags are as unique as the women who carry them, it can be a hunt to find the right one.... Read More

What She Really Wants for Valentine's Day

Jewelry may not be only acceptable Valentine’s Day gift there is, but it certainly is the most popular. And while not every woman will agree on every piece of jewelry, a few classics have emerged over the years. Not only can you find these three pieces for an amazing price right now, they are sure to delight... Read More

SuperSoft Butter Socks Just $3.93

Why is it a big deal that SuperSoft Butter Socks are just $3.93 at Macy’s right now? Perhaps it’s because as I write this, we’re experiencing the coldest day of the season (and a record low for this year). As someone that works predominantly from home, I would be lost without my SuperSoft socks to... Read More

Wallets & Wristlets Sale {as low as $12!}

When Macy’s has a wallets & wristlets sale with prices as low as $12, you know it’s time to start shopping because those prices cannot possibly last long! I was thinking about what would make a great gift for friends and teachers, but wouldn’t break the bank, and then it dawned on me: wristlets! While... Read More

Can You Ever Have Enough?

Can you ever have enough shoes? I’m inclined to say it’s just women who think this way, but then I’ve seen men whose shoe closets rival any Hollywood starlet. What is it about shoes that make us collectors and connoisseurs? Image: First of all, it’s hard to find that perfect pair. When you consider... Read More