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4 Boots Every Woman Should Own

Hot or cold, day or night, rain or snow, a great pair of boots can carry you through it all with style. So why choose just one? Where boots used to be simply functional, they are now a staple of the fashion scene. And while the perfect pair of boots can transition to multiple outfits, there are... Read More

The Handbag Handbook

A woman’s handbag is one of the most active accessories in her day-to-day life. It’s no wonder many of us are obsessed with finding just the right one for every season, reason, and mood. Since handbags are as unique as the women who carry them, it can be a hunt to find the right one.... Read More

How to Seriously Stay Warm this Winter

Brrrrrrrrrr! You might have said this word a time or two, and winter has just begun. Feeling freezing cold is miserable and it makes it hard to focus on much else. So for those who plan to suffer until spring… Godspeed. As the season is in full force, it’s important to shut down the “grin... Read More

Cyber Monday Diamond Pendant Under $30

One of the prettiest deals I found at Macy’s today is this Cyber Monday diamond pendant you can pick up for under $30. The best part of this Cyber Monday deal? You can get it either in store OR online! Get your Cyber Monday diamond pendant deal here… Here’s the breakdown of how this special... Read More

The Great Shoe Sale!

Let’s face it, ladies, who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? Whether it’s a beautiful pair of floral pumps perfect for spring or even just a new set of stylish sneakers for keeping casual on the weekends, a woman can never have enough shoes in her closet. But sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for... Read More