A woman’s handbag is one of the most active accessories in her day-to-day life. It’s no wonder many of us are obsessed with finding just the right one for every season, reason, and mood. Since handbags are as unique as the women who carry them, it can be a hunt to find the right one.

The Handbag Handbook

Because Macy’s over-delivers, their variety can provide a positive predicament – an overwhelming amount of options! Not to worry, below is The Handbag Handbook to help you narrow down the quest based on your personality and lifestyle. Read on to find a bag that’s comfortable, current, and in total alignment with your individual style for every occasion.

Personality Profiles

The first step to finding the perfect handbag is identifying your personality profile. While there’s a little of each trait in all of us, pick the one that best represents your vibe (you can always change it up with your current mood!).

Sex in the City
HBO’s Sex in the City

The Working Woman – This woman is in constant work mode and takes her office with her wherever she goes. She’s a powerhouse who needs a bag like her – reliable, strong, and professional.

The Tomboy – This woman is all about function and has zero desire to stand out. She looks for small and simple, holding only the necessities. Her purse is usually cross-strapped and lightweight so she forgets it’s even on.

The Flashy – This woman needs no introduction; you’ll see her sparkle a mile away. The goal is to feel like a diva, even in sweats, so she’ll need plenty of space to host her eight lip glosses and Hollywood shades.

The Classy – Timeless, quality, and versatile – this woman wants a designer bag that’s a whisper, not a scream. She gravitates toward a simple accent or interesting shape that compliments her beauty, not the other way around.

Handbag Staples

There are certain handbag staples that every woman needs at the ready. Below are four main occasions, with suggestions for each personality type. Have fun hopping around if your personality is apt to change – like if you’re a working woman during the day but a diva after hours!

The Office Handbag

The office handbag is where you put your professional foot forward. A day-to-day bag that’s all about function, it should be sturdy, yet polished, with a versatile style to compliment any office attire.

McKlein Briefcase

  • The Working Woman – She rocks a briefcase to hold her documents, laptop, and any other electronics for a PowerPoint presentation. Her office is in her bag, so it has to be sturdy and accessible, like this McKlein Lake Forest Briefcase.
  • The Tomboy – Her office bag is all about function. Nothing fancy, just something to hold her laptop that has plenty of pockets. It should be protective, yet lightweight so she can throw it over her shoulder and go about her day. Like a Delsey Laptop Backpack.
  • The Flashy – Let’s face it, function is secondary to this Elle Woods character. She wants a loud pop of color, a designer name, oh yeah, and something that holds a legal pad. Like this attention-grabbing Michael Kors tote.
  • The Classy – This lady wants a classic design, stylish frame, and a quality brand that represents her sense of fashion in the office. A subtle piece of art that happens to hold everything she’ll need to seize her workday, like this Fossil tote.

The Going Out Handbag

The going out handbag is for those Friday nights when you’re ready to shake the workweek off with some fun. Your personality comes out with a cocktail in one hand and a handbag in another.

INC Rhinestone Clutch

  • The Working Woman – Because she’s coming straight from the office, it’s ideal to have a wallet/clutch already in her briefcase. Something to hold her cellphone and business cards (because every event is a networking opportunity). Check out this Coach phone clutch in a variety of colors.
  • The Tomboy – When the tomboy can’t fit everything in her pocket (because she’ll most certainly try) she looks for a tiny something that won’t get in her way so she can rock out at a concert or party carefree. Like this minimalistic Coach card pouch.
  • The Flashy – This lady pulls no punches and loves collecting clutches to match her equally flashy outfits. Going bold is the only option, like this sparkling rhinestone fringe clutch by INC.
  • The Classy – A “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” chic chick, she enjoys an elegant accessory to compliment her dress at a ballet or wine tasting. Like this little black clutch by INC.

The Errand Handbag

This is for those days you’re out and about, crossing things off your to-do list. Ideally this bag is lightweight and holds everything you might possibly need during the day.

Kate Spade Mailbox Bag

  • The Working Woman – This woman keeps a professional flair at all times because she’s no stranger to unexpected meetings, even on her days off. This large shoulder bag by Coach allows her to toss everything in and go.
  • The Tomboy – The tomboy wants something lightweight and easy. It has enough room to hold her to-do list and protein bars, but that’s about it. This crossbody bag by Kipling is lightweight and comfy over the shoulder.
  • The Flashy – This woman loves a flashy conversation piece while she’s waiting in line at the post office. What better bag to carry than this mailbox-inspired mini bag by Kate Spade?
  • The Classy – She prefers a quality bag with a touch of everyday sophistication. This nylon tote by Michael Kors is a breeze to carry and still looks as elegant as she is.

The Travel Handbag

This handbag is for those weekend get-a-ways that require a carry-on for your travels. Something that protects all the necessities, has plenty of helpful compartments, and compliments your signature style.

Patricia Nash Duffle Bag

  • The Working Woman – Just in case there’s an email or two to send off, the workingwoman needs her laptop, even when she’s unplugged. This wheeled briefcase by McKlein will keep her electronics protected with plenty of room for the weekend essentials.
  • The Tomboy – Simplicity is key, so the tomboy will appreciate an edgy but basic bag with lots of room. This Stacey tote by Kipling is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The Flashy – The flashy woman has lots to carry, so a wheeled bag is a must. This eye-catching wheeled duffle bag by Bebe expands into a nice size and makes a statement in the airport.
  • The Classy – The classy woman wants something simple, but there’s no mistaking her style. This timeless Michael Kors signature duffle bag is quality, gorgeous, and the perfect compliment to an elegant woman’s journey.

You can learn a lot about a woman from her handbag. And right now, you can save 40-50% off handbags at Macy’s.

Have a ball exploring the different options and colors of your personality. What does yours say about you?