Eating holiday goodies and sitting by the fire feels like heaven – it’s what makes this time so special! But when the festive dust settles, I’m always ready to bounce back and get active.

Some are just fine and dandy exercising inside, but what about the outdoorsy folks? Those who need to get out of the gym box and breathe in some fresh air?

Working out in cold weather

For us, working out inside can feel like a bore and a chore. Walking on a machine that goes nowhere seems like an eternity, and those weights we’re lifting? They seem much heavier without any of nature’s inspiration around.

If you’re itching to get outdoors but have legit winter climate, here’s how you can say “byeeee” to the gym and work out in cold weather, comfortably and safely.

Working Out in Cold Weather


The cold can often fool us into forgetting to drink water. In the summer months, we have heat and sweat to remind us to replenish lost fluids. In the winter, that sweat turns to vapor as fast as it comes.

The body also uses water to keep you warm during the winter – so if you’re feeling abnormally cold, pay close attention to your water intake. Keep a water bottle with you during your workout to prevent dehydration. Remind yourself to take water breaks, whether you’re thirsty or not.

UGG Bluetooth Earmuffs


Ears are often overlooked when we’re dressing for the cold, and it’s a big mistake. No matter how nice and toasty we are under our jackets, red, throbbing ears will burst your comfort balloon fast.

Cover your ears! And instead of trying to position headphones under an extra layer, kill two birds with Bluetooth earmuffs! You just might find yourself running a little faster with the perfect combo of comfort and tunes.

Stretch for the cold

Stretching is a must for active bodies but if you stretch with cold joints, you could pull something. First, get the blood flowing with some cardio. When you’re warmed up and ready to stretch, continue movement. Keep that blood flow going with jumping jacks or a yoga flow.

Smart layers

One important and often overlooked element around layers is the 20-degree rule. Runners have estimated that you’ll feel about 20 degrees warmer than the weather actually is when your body heats up. Keep this in mind as you pack on the clothes.

While it’s not an exact science, this might help you avoid carrying all the layers you’ve shed by the end of your workout.

Mandatory sunscreen

A huge mistake people make in the winter is not wearing sunscreen. You often can’t see the sun, so why would you wear sunscreen?

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Not only does snow double the UVA ray exposure, the earth is the closest to the sun during this time! While you’re layering on clothes, take 30 seconds and layer on sunscreen as well.

Communicate Macy's


Before you head out the door, always let someone know. Tell your partner or kids you’re going for an outdoor workout and give them a time estimate of when you’ll be back.

If you live alone, use the buddy system. You can both shoot each other a quick text when you’re about to venture off. Consistent communication will keep you safe and give your loved ones a huge peace of mind.

Touch Tip Gloves

Keep your hands warm and never have to remove your gloves for a call or a change of music. They might have different names like Touchscreen, Touch Tips, or Tech Gloves, but the function is the same – to use your smartphone while wearing gloves. This function is a lifesaver when you’re on the move and don’t need the frustration of stopping and readjusting.

Strong kicks

Have a special pair of winter shoes that can handle the winter elements. Whether you’re running, hiking, biking, or weightlifting, shoes are the foundation. Research the best shoes for your activity at When you find your perfect match, you’ll be able to perform at a high-level safely.

For more ways to stay warm, inside and out, read How to Seriously Stay Warm this Winter.