First, there’s a chill in the air. Next, it’s a falling leaf. Then, before you know it, it’s getting darker in the day and WHA-BAM! The fall season has officially begun. Where did the time go?

Summer to Fall Fashion - Macys

Fall officially kicked off on September 23rd and the question for your closet is: are you ready? Don’t be caught in the cold with jean shorts and flip flops – start adding in fall accessories ASAP so your transition from summer to fall fashion is nice and smooth. Below are just a few clothing staples that will, quite literally, have you covered.

How to Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

Don’t get cold feet

Hot Sox - Macys
Hot Sox

It’s easy to get spoiled in the summertime with our “throw on some flip-flops and go” approach. While yes, it’s one of the best parts about summer, it’s no longer practical for fall. Keep those feet warm and stock up on socks.

If you believe that every pair of socks is meant to express a facet of your personality, try these fun designs from Hot Sox. Prefer to keep things neutral? This basic 3-pack from Ralph Lauren has everything you need for the week. Either way, bring in some calf-length socks to block out the cold.

Bring out the boots

Now that you have your fancy new socks, enjoy that closet full of boots you’ve been eyeing all summer. Here are just a few combinations that work well:

  • Go casual with jeans and lace-up boots.
  • Dress up jeans with booties and a mid-level heel.
  • Feel sexy in some knee-high stilettos with your dress.
  • Stay classy and comfortable with leather riding boots.
  • Rock those summer shorts with any boot paired with tights.

The are dozens of combinations so channel your inner fashionista and express yourself!

Swap the light jacket for more oomph

Calvin Klein - Water Resistant Trench Coat
Calvin Klein – Water Resistant Trench Coat

When fall hits, a light jacket won’t do the trick anymore in most areas. It’s now time to upgrade to a lightweight coat at the very least.

Trench coats are the perfect mid-level coat for this season. You can also throw on extra layers (here’s a whole post on layering) and pair that summer jean jacket with a thick hoodie. You can often get away with wearing bulky sweaters or thick wraps as a coat substitute, it all depends on what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods.

Say yes to scarves, wraps, & shawls

This season is the scarf’s time to shine. As you transition from summer to fall fashion, don’t scrap your summer clothes just yet. In those early weeks, extend the wearability of certain outfits with the right scarf, wrap, or shawl.

For example, that sleeveless summer dress might get chilly at night, but not with a gorgeous wrap. Or you might get to wear your favorite tank top a little longer in the year with the right over-the-shoulder scarf. Take a fresh look at your summer wardrobe to see what has room for versatility, and what is destined to be labeled “summer clothes.”

Go to the darker side

While you can certainly rock bright colors, autumn’s color palette is traditionally warm. So, to ease into your transition from summer to fall fashion, go to the darker side of the color wheel.

Pull out brown and orange fabrics and thick leather accessories. Have fun with burgundy nail polish and matte, brick-colored lipstick. These subtle pops of autumn can tie a whole outfit together, and with the large scale of colors, everyone can find something flattering for their skin type.

Suit up in leggings

SPANX Faux-Leather Tummy Control Leggings

Fall fashion is just begging for leggings. They’re flattering, easy to launder, and they make any outfit look just a little dressier than a plain pair of jeans. 

Get a killer pair of SPANX and sport them with a long sweater or add style to a dress that demands extra coverage on your legs. And for those extra cold days, use tights as thermals and wear them under your pants. 

Now that you’re ready for fall, give yourself a nice pat on the back for being on top of things (no one has to know what little effort it took (*wink) ).