I have a news flash for you: plus size fashion is just fashion!

That’s right, there no need for labels anymore. Let’s just call it what it is: if something is on trend in a size 0 on the runway, it’s still on trend on a size 18 on the street.

Why is it that in today’s society we feel the need to label everyone and everything? The truth is, there are more “plus size” women in America than there are “normal” size women.

And even if there weren’t, what good is accomplished from forcing people of any shape to sheepishly search for their proper size, whether petite or extra large?


If we’re really going to be honest, there are very few women who love trying on jeans or bathing suits. Perhaps there are even fewer women who walk out the door every morning feeling 100% confident in the outfit they eventually landed on for the day.

So why heap even more shame onĀ our fellow females?

I know, in many cases it’s inadvertent. We’ve become used to defining ourselves in any and every situation we find ourselves in, so why should shopping for clothes be any different?

Because we all want to feel pretty. And not just in the eyes of others, but when we look in the mirror.

So when we start hearing about the latest trends from all the different fashion weeks around the world starting next month, let’s embrace it for what it is: an expression of art via fabric.

And instead of chiding ourselves for how we may never look, let’s choose to find inspiration in whatever elements of the racks and runways that speak to us.

Just as we may never agree on the true definition of beauty, find confidence in knowing that fact exists because there are many definitions of beauty exhibited in many forms.

So go ahead ladies, find that perfect fit. Maybe then we can stop worrying about the number hidden on a tag and instead focus on the way a great fit makes us feel.