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Maternity Wear Winners

If you have a little peanut in your shell, there’s a lot of preparation ahead. Baby clothes, supplies, a crib – the list seems never-ending. But what about the mothers? As your body changes and you start to feel less like yourself, it’s a double whammy when your clothes cause discomfort or scream “maternity wear.”... Read More

10 Summer Staples (from a Cali Girl)

Sunshine has the power to make even Debbie Downer turn her frown upside down, so it’s time to make some sweet summer memories. Before you dive into the vacation-mode pool, there are a few summer staples to pick up that will keep you in the fun zone. After living in sunny Los Angeles for 10... Read More

Baby Gift Tips From Mommies-To-Be

Based on the stack of pink and blue invites on my desk, I’d say it’s officially baby season! Ok, so there’s no official baby season, but I’m going out on a limb and declaring that it starts about now… It’s thrilling when a lady close to our heart announces her life (and waist size) is... Read More

Your Signature Scent - Our 5 Step System

Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks and thought, “I know that scent!” and were instantly transported back to a memory or a strong feeling? Scents have tremendous power. When you’re feeling all science-y, search “odor-evoked autobiographical memory” for some killer conversation material at your next BBQ. There’s no mistaking the eau de Cologne... Read More

How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit (for under $50!)

Sitting at the pool today watching my kids at their first team, I realized it was high time for something: I need to find a new swimsuit. Is there anyone who LOVES shopping for swimsuits? (If there is, I have yet to meet her!). So I decided to break down the process and look at... Read More