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The Handbag Handbook

A woman’s handbag is one of the most active accessories in her day-to-day life. It’s no wonder many of us are obsessed with finding just the right one for every season, reason, and mood. Since handbags are as unique as the women who carry them, it can be a hunt to find the right one.... Read More

Plus Size Fashion is Just FASHION

I have a news flash for you: plus size fashion is just fashion! That’s right, there no need for labels anymore. Let’s just call it what it is: if something is on trend in a size 0 on the runway, it’s still on trend on a size 18 on the street. Why is it that... Read More

Try The Trend: Play with Prints

Color lovers rejoice! One of the hottest trends on the fashion runways was patterns and prints. But not just ONE print; fashion designers everywhere are encouraging us to play with prints this year. This means that this is the season to not just embrace a print, but to layer it with another print, mix patterns... Read More

Give Fashion the Cold Shoulder

Watch any talk show today and there’s one thing you’re sure to see: an off-the-shoulder top. Never before has giving someone a ‘cold shoulder’ looked so good! From peasant blouses to shift dresses, the off-the-shoulder trend is popping up everywhere and seems to be here to stay. From truly strapless tops like the one above, to... Read More

Believe in Yourself This New Year {Activewear Sale}

It’s time to believe in yourself and finally make those New Year’s resolutions and goals stick once and for all…and it’s even easier to look good while doing it during the Macy’s Activewear Sale. It’s easy to say you’re going to do something, but it’s quite another to actually do it. Here are three tips... Read More