It’s time to believe in yourself and finally make those New Year’s resolutions and goals stick once and for all…and it’s even easier to look good while doing it during the Macy’s Activewear Sale.

It’s easy to say you’re going to do something, but it’s quite another to actually do it. Here are three tips to help you finally accomplish exactly what you set your mind to this year:

1. Write Your Goals Down

For years, researchers have proven that one of the best ways to accomplish goals is to write them down. I realize that may be a foreign concept to many of you these days, especially with the convenience of smartphones always being accessible, but nothing replaces pen and paper when it comes to clarifying your thoughts and keeping them present in front of you.

new year's goals pen and paper desk

2. Get an Accountability Partner (or App)

In addition to writing your goals down, telling someone about what you’re doing (and even enlisting them to do it with you) is another proven way to help you succeed. It may be jumping on FaceTime while you both go through a Yoga video on YouTube or walking with a co-worker during lunch. Can’t find an IRL friend to join you? That’s OK: choose one of the many fitness apps out there today and pledge to check in with it every day to track your progress.

3. Look Good While Doing It

Just as it’s been shown you have more confidence when you take time to get dressed and spend some time on yourself getting ready in the morning, so has research proved that those who put some thought into what they wear to work out are more likely to follow through on their fitness goals. Sure, the clothes might not make you stronger or faster, but they can make you feel better about yourself when you wear them.

After you’ve written down your goals and contacted your accountability partner (or downloaded a new fitness app), consider one of these for your new workout outfit, all of which are on sale during the Macy’s Activewear Sale:

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And when you choose the right pieces, not only will you look good, it’s still possible to workout in cold weather too!

Speaking of looking good, don’t forget to reward yourself once you reach your first fitness goal. By that point, you may even need to buy a new workout outfit because of the weight you’ve lost or how your body tone has changed.

This might be as simple as having the confidence to wear a tank top and shorts instead of a tunic-style top and leggings. Perhaps an afternoon of lunch and shopping with your accountability partner is in order after that 4, 8, or 12-week mark.

Whatever you decide to do to discover your best self this year, make sure you do this one thing: never give up on yourself!