Have you felt it yet? The chill in the air?

Winter is officially here and when it comes to your home decor, that typically means two things:
1. Changing up the colors
2. Bringing out the blankets

The good news I have for you today is that you can do both for less than $20.

With the Macy’s After Christmas Sale going on this week, I’ve uncovered a great deal that will help you spruce up every bedroom in your house while staying on budget: 3-Piece Bed in a Bag Sale for only $18.99.

Every single 3pc bed-in-a-bag at Macy’s is on sale. In fact, I found 19 different 3pc Bed in a Bag sets for the $19.99 sale price. NINETEEN!

Here are just a few of the options:

Alex Reversible Comforter Sets- $19.99


Meghan Reversible Comforter Mini Sets- $19.99


Liam Reversible Comforter Mini Sets- $19.99

But I think my absolute favorite of them all is the Maddox:

I love how one side is so bold and bright, while the other is much more subtle and subdued because, let’s face it, if you’re married, chances are one of you leans toward one style and the other prefers the opposite!

Did you notice what I just mentioned above? There are two sides to the comforter. Yes, the other thing I love most about these bed-in-a-bag sets (other than the price, of course) is that each of them are reversible, meaning you can stretch your style even further.

Each bed in a bag sale set comes with one reversible comforter and two pillow shams, which reflect the pattern of each side of the comforter.

You’ll also notice that the colors range from muted to bright and patterns from classic to floral.

The Macy’s After Christmas Sale is almost over, but there is still a good selection of styles and sizes if you head over to Macys.com today. Just make sure to use code JOY at checkout to save up to 20% on any purchases you make this week.