As an aspiring chef, it can be tempting to stock up your drawers with every possible kitchen knife.

But the truth is, there are only three kitchen knives you need to expertly find your way around the kitchen.

With these three knives, you’ll be able to do everything asked of you in your favorite cookbooks, including cutting just about every type of meat, produce and bread.

The Only Knives You’ll Every Need

1. Chef’s Knife

The chef’s knife will quickly become your staple, enabling you to tackle even the hardest of tasks in your kitchen. Consider this your go-to knife, but there does come a time when you’ll need something smaller…

2. Paring Knife

The paring knife provides comfort and safety with your cooking, not to mention gives you more precision when it comes to slicing and dicing.

3. Bread Knife

Don’t forget, you’re going to want a┬áknife with “teeth” to help you cut the crustiest of breads or the thinnest of sandwich slices. The bread knife rounds out this perfect knife trinity to complete all your slicing needs.

And just think, with the money you’ll save from buying just three knives, you can spend that money on other gadgets to help you become the chef you’ve always of!