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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Have you been wondering what to wear to a summer wedding you’ve been invited to? After all, there’s something different about a summer wedding; not only are there so many more clothing options because of the weather, but there also seem to be equally as many types of weddings during the summer months. Please allow me to... Read More

Don't Wait Any Longer to Put Your Swimsuit On

Ladies, don’t wait any longer to put your swimsuit on. Before you know it, summer will be gone and swimsuit season will be a faint memory. It’s my theory that we, as women, spend far too long worrying about what we look like in a swimsuit rather than actually putting one on, jumping in the... Read More

Steal Zooey Deschanel's Style for a STEAL Today!

The Macy’s Ultimate Pop-Up Sale is back for June 2017 and you can literally steal Zooey Deschanel’s style for a STEAL today! If you love Zooey like I do, then you know she’s nothing if not feminine and quirky, but with classic touches. She might pair a polo with a funky skirt, an interesting top with a... Read More

How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit (for under $50!)

Sitting at the pool today watching my kids at their first team, I realized it was high time for something: I need to find a new swimsuit. Is there anyone who LOVES shopping for swimsuits? (If there is, I have yet to meet her!). So I decided to break down the process and look at... Read More

3 Fashion Mistakes You're Probably Making (& How to Fix Them Today)

Sure, you might not call yourself a fashion disaster, but there are likely (at least) 3 fashion mistakes you’re probably making today. Really, I mean it! See for yourself by answering these questions: Have you ever stood in your closet for more than a minute trying to figure out what to wear? Have you ever... Read More