I don’t know about you, but this year FLEW by!

I know, the year itself isn’t done, but for those of use with kids, the school year is winding down, which ushers in an entirely new transition of its own.

I was recently reading an article on transitioning your family from school days to summer and it got me thinking: I need to transition my kids’ clothes to summer as well!

Transitioning Kids' Clothes to Summer

But let’s face facts, most kids don’t jump up and down over the thought of spending a Saturday (or worse yet, a summer day off from school) hanging with mom in their closet trying on last summer’s clothes to see if they still fit. So I’m here to help you with some foolproof ideas for not only transitioning your kids’ closets, but getting them to help AND having fun while doing it.

3 Foolproof Tips for Transitioning Kids’ Clothes to Summer

Little Kids

Set up a game of hide & seek within the closet, both literally and figuratively. At the beginning, start by having little ones find “all the blue shirts”, for example. You’ll also want to hide a few little toys and treats in their closets and drawers for them to look for along the way. The anticipation will keep them energized throughout the process.

Elementary-Aged Kids

Incentives are still the key with this age group. Hide coins in pockets of their clothes and tell them at the outset how many of each type of coin they need to find to “win the treasure” at the end. You can also promise them a family activity once you’re completed (like pizza and a movie or a family game of basketball). If some of your kids are really excited about going through their closets, recognize you have a budding fashionista on your hand and give them some autonomy in how they would like to re-organize the space.


Set a time limit for how long you’ll work together or suggest four, ten-minute blocks that they need to help you with throughout the day. For some kids, they’ll get excited if you tell them they can pick out a certain number of new clothes at the end of your time together based on how many old ones they’ve grown out of. For those not as interested in shopping, provide another reward, such as a movie with friends or a day free from chores.

Regardless of the age of your kids, make sure you know what you want to accomplish before starting and communicate expectations clearly. The goal is to move out any clothes that are too small, too worn or too bulky for the current season.

Once you know what you need, chances are you’ll be able to re-stock the closet for a lot less when you shop at Macys.com, where you’ll find summer essentials for the entire family at 25-60% off right now.

In the end, helping your child look and feel good is the ultimate goal, with better home organization as a bonus byproduct.