No matter how many promises I make to start each day early, I always struggle when my alarm goes off.

But if there’s one thing I’ve found to be true, it’s that starting your day right begins with just one thing…starting!

The longer you prolong starting your day (aka hitting snooze), the more you mentally give in to the fact that you aren’t in control of your day.

So how can you ensure to start your day right? Just follow these simple steps:

How to Start Your Day Right

1. Go to Bed at a Consistent Time Every Night

Studies have shown that your body gets into a groove when it follows a routine, so do yourself a favor by going to bed at the same time every night as much as possible.

2. Start Each Day with Gratitude

Before you even get out of bed, take time to express gratitude for the day before and speak positively over the day to come.

3. Follow a Morning Routine

Just as a consistent bedtime routine is good for you, so is following a morning routine. This includes not just your beauty routine, but everything it takes to get ready and out the door.

4. Set Daily Goals

What one thing do you want to accomplish today? Is it taking 10,000 steps? Getting back in touch with an old friend? Finishing a project you’ve been putting off? With a clear goal in mind (and even a time you hope to accomplish it by), it motivates you to get up and get going.

5. Consider a Fitness Tracker

Speaking of 10,000 steps, wearing a fitness tracker is a great motivator to help you accomplish those daily fitness goals. Some models even track your sleep cycles so you can better gauge when you should go to bed each night.

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And so we come full circle to sleep. Truth is, the best day starts off with the best night’s sleep. And since today is President’s Day, it’s the perfect time to take some time to yourself and plan out how you’ll start tomorrow differently.

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