Spring is in the air! And clutter is certainly lingering in my closet, how ‘bout yours? This is an excellent time to start spring cleaning, on many levels. So this topic deserves its own series, a series of three to be exact.

Spring Cleaning - Macy's

This piece will focus on spring cleaning for the closet, because that’s a whole world in its own. After that, we’ll dive into spring cleaning for the home and then our mindset. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Your closet! Now is the perfect time for a good closet cleaning to tie up loose ends, bring in new additions to make your current wardrobe pop, and to get rid of those items weighing you down. It’s your closet’s time to shine!

Spring Cleaning Series:Your Closet

A 5-Step System


Step 1: Take Inventory

To understand what your closet needs, you need to know what it has. If your closet is a mess, with items shoved in every nook and cranny, pull your clothes and accessories out so they become visible. You might be surprised at how many things you’ve forgotten about.

Step 2: A Quick Therapy Session

You can tell a LOT about a person by looking at their closet. There are typically three categories that our closets fall into and this just might reveal what we’re feeling.

To say this is oversimplifying is an understatement, but there can be a lot of truth to it. Check out your closet situation and see if this resonates.

1. Do you hold on to everything?

Have you held onto things that no longer fit? Have gone out of style? Sentimental pieces you have no intention of wearing?

Diagnosis: A fear of letting go.

Remedy: Grab a supportive friend and review the items that you never wear. Get to the bottom of why you’re holding on and then… donate them!

2. Are you playing it safe?

Do you avoid buying the latest fashions because one day they’ll go out of style? Are you wearing the same neutral clothes that you’ve worn for a decade, with several items that are exactly the same?

Diagnosis: A fear of change.

Remedy: Embrace life and invite in new experiences. Instead of trying to control the trends, jump in and have fun with it!

3. Are you overcompensating?

Is your closet stuffed FULL of things you haven’t even worn? Are you constantly buying clothes because it feels like you never have enough to wear?

Diagnosis: A fear of lack.

Remedy: Enjoy each piece of clothing and wear only the pieces that you love. Release what doesn’t float your boat and have gratitude for what does.

Whatever your closet says about you, if it’s not your optimal vibe, give yourself a gentle nudge to break out of the pattern.

Step 3: Shed, Shed, Shed!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I wear it?
  • Is it ripped, stained, or worn?
  • Does it fit?
  • Is it flattering?
  • Would I buy it today?

If you answered no to any of these questions – except the ripped or stained question – donate or sell it.

If you can’t find the willpower…

Remember, there’s someone out there who would LOVE to find this piece of clothing at a thrift shop. It would fit them like a glove. Imagine their joy!

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Do it for her.

Step 4: Organize

No more hunting for clothes. Now that you’ve decluttered and it’s all out on the table (or your bedroom floor) create a home for each piece of clothing. Consider giving your closet a quick cleaning while you’re at it, Check out Sami’s 3 Essentials for Speedy Spring Cleaning.

Depending on your closet size and cabinet space, you might need to bring in backup. A simple shoe rack, storage bag, or shelf organizer could be a total game changer. Think outside of your box and browse these options!

Step 5: Replace

This is the fun part! Now that your closet is in order, you can clearly see what you have – and don’t have.

Create a list of what your wardrobe is lacking. Remember to break any patterns that you discovered in Step 2, and enjoy bringing in new clothing and accessories that you truly love!

Get your closet ready, because next up in this Spring Cleaning Series is… Your Mindset.