Living in Nashville, you can guess that we get a lot of out of town visitors. Between country music concerts, the Stanley Cup Finals and all the biscuits and barbecue you can imagine, friends and family love coming to Music City to visit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when people come into town to stay with us (as long as it’s for a limited time…just kidding…OK, halfway kidding…), but it can be hard to find a place for everyone to sleep.

We’ve bought numerous blow up mattresses that never seem to last and can get quite pricey. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw on TV today that Macy’s was selling mattress sets for as little as $279.

Finding a good mattress for a reasonable price is next to impossible these days, then you need to add on the box spring, which makes it even more expensive.

So when I realized I could get an entire mattress set for not much more than we’ve paid for an air mattress, well, you guessed it, I had to share it with you!

Here are four great mattresses AND box spring sets, all under $300:

4 Queen Mattress Sets Under $300

Beautyrest Beautysleep Reflecting Pool 6″ Firm Mattress Set- Queen, originally $799.00, now just $297.00


MacyBed Baxley Firm Mattress Set – Queen: originally $599.00, now just $299.00


Sealy Blue Arbor 5.5″ Foam Firm Mattress Set- Queen: originally $689.00, now just $299.00


Sertapedic┬« Calm Haven 7.5″ Plush Mattress Set- Queen: originally $599.00, now just $299.00

Did you see that some of these sets are regularly almost $800?

I know I’ve been focusing on purchasing one of these queen mattress sets for a guest room, but don’t get me wrong, this would make an incredible addition to any bedroom in your home. Actually, I’d recommend keeping the new mattress for yourself and rotating your old mattress to your guest room. (What? It’s still better than an air mattress for your guests!).

Whatever you decide, just don’t wait too long because we don’t don’t how long this limited time deal will last.