Have you seen what stores have started doing this year? Retailers seem to be starting their Black Friday deals early, as early as the BEGINNING of November, and Macy’s is no exception. In fact, with the Macy’s Black Friday Early Access Sale starting today, there is a way to save on top of the already low sale prices.

How to Save at Macy’s Black Friday Early Access Sale

  • Save up to an extra 20% off (in most departments) when you use code SCORE

This sale is also interesting for another reason: the length of time it’s running. Not only are these deals happening in advance of Black Friday, the sale runs through Saturday, November 19th.

Typically, we don’t know when the next sale will start at Macy’s, but this year, we know both when the sale will start AND what some of the best deals will be!

Why to Shop Macy’s Black Friday Early Access Sale NOW

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to shop now or wait to shop the Macy’s Black Friday sale, but let me tell you this: the Macy’s Black Friday Early Access Sale features one of my favorite promotions with an extra 20% off. Let me take you through a scenario where you can save 30-50% off if you find the right product at the right price:

Take this poncho for example: Originally $99.00, they are on sale for $39.99. That’s over a 60% savings from the original price, and that’s just one option for how to save at the Black Friday Early Access Sale, plus find more ways to use the extra 20% off to save even more.

All that to say, if you can find the right item at the right price, this is the time to shop.

Stay tuned because I’ll be updating Magic Style Shop with all the deals you’ll want to pay attention to over the coming week.