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How to Successfully Work from Home with Style

Working from home is one thing. Learning how to successfully work from home with style is another. As more and more of us are looking for tips for working remotely, it’s equally important to make working from home fun. After all, if we finally get to show off our home thanks to online Zoom calls,... Read More

Spring Cleaning Series: Your Closet

Spring is in the air! And clutter is certainly lingering in my closet, how ‘bout yours? This is an excellent time to start spring cleaning, on many levels. So this topic deserves its own series, a series of three to be exact. This piece will focus on spring cleaning for the closet, because that’s a... Read More

Spring Cleaning Your Home

Here we are! Part 3 of the Spring Cleaning Series: Spring Cleaning Your Home. Now that you’ve given your closet and mind a deep cleaning, it’s time to tackle your physical sanctuary, aka your home. Our living space is often a physical representation of what’s going on with us internally. So by getting your home in order,... Read More

9 Cookware Items Under $10!

Holy Cow! I wouldn’t believe this deal if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, and yet it’s true: during the Macy’s Lowest Prices of the Season Sale, you can get 9 cookware items under $10. I know sometimes you see these sales and you might think, “Sure, that’s a good price, but this... Read More

Better Sleep For All 5 Senses

A new year a new you! It’s easy to hit the ground running with the excitement of the new year. But for those who have a history of sprinting instead of pacing themselves during this marathon we call life, take note. You don’t want to burn yourself out at the start line. Quality sleep is... Read More