Have your resolved to get organized this year? My suggestion is to start small and start somewhere that will make a big impact in your everyday life: your closet!

Trying to tackle an entire room organization, like the kitchen, can be daunting and take days. But when you fix your eyes on a small space, like your closet, the payoff can be huge.

(Not to mention you may discover previously forgotten treasures).

So let me help inspire you to make a sweeping change with these three simple steps to complete closet organization.

3 Steps to Complete Closet Organization

1. Get everything off the floor

It’s amazing what can lurk on the floor of your closet…and chances are it’s more than just your shoes. When I help friends clean out their closets, I find everything from purses and mismatched shoes to dirty laundry and shirts that have fallen off their hangers. Keeping your floor clean and putting your laundry in a hamper not only helps preserve your closet items, but makes your closet feel open and airy regardless of how big it is.

2. Store it where you can see it

Let me give you a great piece of advice: if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it…or worse yet, you’ll buy it again! (Anyone else have more than one pair of black pumps they absolutely thought they needed?). Think of the clothing, shoes and accessories adorning your closet as art and treat it as such. Store sweaters with plenty of room in a hanging organizer and place shoes and bracelets in an over-the-door shoe rack.

3. Take special care of your accessories

We all know accessories make an outfit, but they can’t help you if they are balled up in a corner somewhere. I just mentioned using a shoe organizer to display larger accessories such as bracelets and even scarves, but one of my favorite treatments is to hang necklaces decoratively on the wall of my closet (I even do this with my hats). They face me when I walk in, so their charm immediately brings a smile to my face, inspiring me to create a great outfit for my day.

Honey Can Do 8 Piece Closet Organization Kit

While I believe whole-heartedly that these simple steps can make an immense impact, it’s up to you to figure out what works for you when it comes to closet organization. After all, if the overall organization doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle, you won’t keep up with it day-to-day.

So go on, grab your closet organizing essentials and get to it!