Sitting at the pool today watching my kids at their first team, I realized it was high time for something: I need to find a new swimsuit.

Is there anyone who LOVES shopping for swimsuits? (If there is, I have yet to meet her!).

So I decided to break down the process and look at it both logically and frugally.

I figured if I could benefit from a higher-level approach to shopping for swimsuits, someone else could to. So here are the things you need to think about in order to find the perfect swimsuit at the perfect price:

How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit

Choose Your Style

Depending on your body type, you have to decide if you want a one-piece, tankini, bikini or swim dress. Contrary to popular belief, if you’re not fond of your midsection, choose a two-piece like a tankini (a one-piece will show every bump and imperfection).

Choose Your Trend

How trendy do you want to be? Black & White is quite popular this season, as are Wild Prints. High waisted bottoms are also still in style. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of swimming or playing on the beach, you may want to choose a more active style.

Choose Your Fit

Is there a part of your body you want to enhance or hide? Look for a swimsuit that has tummy control or perhaps even a push-up or minimizing feature. Some styles will even help minimize your thighs or control a full-figure bust.

Choose a Cover-Up

You have to get to the water somehow, right? So you might as well get there in style. If you choose a swim dress, opt for a tunic to cover up. If you go for a smaller coverage bikini, consider waterproof shorts and a tank top that will transition well from playing volleyball to grabbing lunch.

Once you narrow down what type of suit you’re looking for, make sure to sort your selection by price from “low to high” to find the best deal. If shopping at, you can also save up to an additional 20% off your perfect swimsuit right now during the summer sale; just use code ESCAPE at checkout and get swimming!