I consider every furniture purchase carefully, but other than buying a bed, finding a sofa is probably the most important purchase. After all, it’s where many of us gather with our family at the end of a long day.

But with so many factors to think about, how can you find the right sofa…and at the right price?

Allow me to help you break it down.

4 Questions for Finding the Right Sofa

First, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. How big is your space?
  2. How many people does the sofa need to seat?
  3. What function does it need to serve?
  4. What is your budget?

Four Types of Sofas

Based on your answers, ask yourself if one of these sofas fit your needs:

1. The Apartment-Size Sofa

The Apartment-Size Sofa is sleek, without any bulky armrests or pillows. These sofas are small on space, but big on style.

2. The Leather Sofa

The Leather Sofa is truly a statement piece, a sofa you build your room around. By choosing a leather sofa, you may be saying that you love luxury or simply that you prefer the ease of its clean-up with young kids in the house.

3. The Curved Sofa

If you’re drawn to a curved sofa, chances are you love to entertain, have a large family or have a large space to fill. If you ask me, this is the perfect piece for bringing everyone together.

4. The Queen Sleeper Sofa

If you need your sofa to serve multiple purposes, then a queen sleeper sofa is for you. Sleeper sofas are perfect if you don’t have a dedicated guest space in your home or just want to be ready to accommodate last-minute visitors at a moment’s notice. It can also come in handy for roommates as well.

The Right Sofa May Be a Combination

Even though I just outlined four different sofas, the right sofa may actually be a combination of two or three that I told you about above. For instance, you may prefer the sleek style of the apartment sofa, but in leather. Or maybe you want a large sectional that also boasts a sleeper sofa.

The point is that there are no rules, just what works for you. After you discover your need, it’s important to pair that with your budget. Different fabrics and even colors can ultimately affect the final price of your sofa.

If you are ready to pull the trigger and buy today, know that you’ll find the lowest prices of the season going on at Macy’s right now.