I’m so glad back to school starting dates vary across the country because it means one thing continues throughout the month: BIG SAVINGS!
Start Saving at the Macy's Super Weekend Sale (2)
I just filmed a TV segment last week centered around one very important question the reporter had: Can you still find back to school savings?

Some of you may find the question odd because you’re still in the thick of summer, hardly even thinking about prepping for back to school because it happens for you sometime after Labor Day.

But the reason that questions was so pertinent for our local news is because many students in our area started back to school on August 5. She was curious if any deals were still out there to be found for those whose kids hadn’t started school yet (or for anyone else who simply wanted to snatch up a good deal).

My answer to her was simple: YES!

Because back to school dates vary so greatly across the country, major retailers have to continue the savings to tap into each region’s back to school start dates…and Macy’s is no different.

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Case in point, Macy’s Back to School Sale is happening as we speak, saving you an EXTRA 20% off their already discounted Back to School prices.

All you have to do is enter code BTS at checkout to score the extra savings.

So whether you’re getting ready to send your kids back to school soon, already started the school year, or don’t even have kids, everyone can take advantage of Macy’s incredible Back to School Sale.

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