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Macy's Flower Show

If you really want to embrace Spring, then you just might want to head to the Macy’s Flower Show! This annual welcome to spring will be happening at Macy’s marquee stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco from March 26 – April 9. Each year, these locations are transformed into breathtaking floral scenes with... Read More

How to Earn Macy's Money

If you’re already shopping at Macy’s, then you’re going to love earning Macy’s Money this week because the more you buy, the more you get! What exactly is Macy’s Money? Macy’s Money is a rewards card you can receive by making qualifying purchases with any form of payment, online and in-store. Use your Macy’s Money in... Read More

Macy's VIP Designers on Sale

As Magic Style Shop readers, you’ve already been let in on the incredible fact that you can save 15% off your online beauty purchases this week, but did you hear the news about the VIP designers on sale? Many of your favorite Macy’s VIP designers that are typically excluded from regular sales are included as... Read More

The Macy's Beauty Sale Like No Other

You’re a smart shopper, so I don’t have to tell you that despite all the amazing sales Macy’s offers, there is one category that rarely goes on sale: Beauty. You know the feeling: you’re stocking up savings during a Macy’s One Day or Super Saturday Sale, but you wish you could also save big on... Read More

Start Saving at the Macy's Super Weekend Sale

You’re a smart shopper, right? I know you are, which is why you look to Magic Style Shop to give you the inside scoop, especially when it comes to sales at Macy’s…which is why I want to make sure you know about the Super Weekend sales. But it’s not enough for you to simply hear about the... Read More