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HURRY! Surprise Specials End Tonight

If you haven’t been on today, then hurry over, because their surprise specials end tonight! I guess it’s not much of a surprise anymore since it’s featured on the homepage, but some of the prices you’ll find right now are sure to be a pleasant surprise, especially if you’ve been┬ákeeping an eye on the... Read More

Why Back to School Means BIG Savings
{Longer than you think...}

I’m so glad back to school starting dates vary across the country because it means one thing continues throughout the month: BIG SAVINGS! I just filmed a TV segment last week centered around one very important question the reporter had: Can you still find back to school savings? Some of you may find the question... Read More

Give $5 Get 25% Off:
2 Ways to Save this Weekend

This weekend is one of my favorite┬ásales at Macy’s because not only do we get a chance to save more than usual, but by choosing to save big, you’ll also be helping kids in need. Let me explain: Two Ways to Save at Macy’s this Weekend: 1. Save 20% off Everyone can save 20% off... Read More

Choose Your Own Macy's Personal Sale Day
{Save up to 83% off!}

One of my favorite things about writing for Magic Style Shop is keeping you in the know about Macy’s latest and greatest sales so you can maximize your shopping budget. But today I have a special secret: did you know you can choose your own Macy’s personal sale day? All you have to do is... Read More

Macy's WKND Sale Saves You 20% off

Save an extra 20% off plus get free shipping through July 30 during the Macy’s WKND sale. This isn’t just any Macy’s weekend sale; no, it’s the WKND sale because we don’t have time to say weekend AND shop! Seriously though, I do love this because they’re giving you the savings code right in the... Read More