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Macy's Star Money: Earn up to $50 in Rewards

Macy’s Star Money Days for Fall 2021 are here and it doesn’t matter on your status, anyone can start earning today! Star Money Bonus Days Macy’s Star Money Bonus Days are back, although they look a little different this month. Macy’s Star Rewards members can earn $10 in star money for every $50 spent on... Read More

Saving on Back To School Shopping

Back to school shopping causes a panic to most parents that can only be rivaled by holiday shopping. Save money — and your sanity — with these tips to get your children everything they need to start the new school year without draining your checking account. Take Your Time You can save money on clothing... Read More

The 7 Hottest Summer Fashion Trends

We’ve refreshed our list of the hottest summer fashion trends you’ll find this year. Fashion changes in the blink of an eye, and Macy’s is always on top of the crest, interpreting them for real women and at price points you’ll love. Here are essential pieces that will take you from spring to summer and... Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Fitness Tracker

Have you been putting off buying a fitness tracker because you’re not sure what to buy? The choices are endless, but Macy’s has popular brands that give you the choice of no-frills basic, rugged and uber-stylish. Here are some helpful hints in choosing a fitness tracker that’s right for you. There’s an enormous selection of... Read More

Geeking Out for Prom: How to Get the Hottest Looks for Your Big Day

Prom is a big day for any girl, and the dress is only part of the game. Your makeup needs to be on point as well, but luckily, choosing the right look doesn’t have to be a guessing game. With sites like Makeup Geek, you can learn how to create any number of looks for... Read More