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3 City Mom Must-Haves {Talk to Me Tuesday}

You’ve seen them: the pictures of stylish celebrity moms looking like they have it all together while walking with their kids through New York City? How do they achieve that effortless style and functionality? We asked an expert to share their 3 “City Mom Must-Haves”. Every Tuesday, we bring you short videos featuring some of... Read More

5 Handbag Trends Everyone Can Afford

It can be a great feeling to capture runway trends in your own look, but it’s not always great on your budget. After all, some of these trends are literally here today and gone tomorrow. Harper’s Bazaar scoured the spring runways to find the trends, but I’ve scoured so you can find them all... Read More

Can You Ever Have Enough?

Can you ever have enough shoes? I’m inclined to say it’s just women who think this way, but then I’ve seen men whose shoe closets rival any Hollywood starlet. What is it about shoes that make us collectors and connoisseurs? Image: First of all, it’s hard to find that perfect pair. When you consider... Read More

What's in Your Air?

Do you know what’s in your air? Perhaps the better question is this: Have you ever stopped to think what you’re breathing, day in and day out? The truth might scare you. In recent years, there has been a surge of information about what we should and shouldn’t eat. I’ve also seen warnings about what... Read More

The Great Shoe Sale!

Let’s face it, ladies, who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? Whether it’s a beautiful pair of floral pumps perfect for spring or even just a new set of stylish sneakers for keeping casual on the weekends, a woman can never have enough shoes in her closet. But sometimes budget doesn’t allow for us... Read More